Be a marshall in Jungle Marathon 2013!

Jungle Marathon 2013

Volunteer Overview

How would you like the opportunity to be part of the Jungle Marathon adventure
and spend ten unforgettable days deep in the heart of the Jungle playing a vital role in the smooth running of the race?

If you are lucky enough to be selected as support crew, all you need to do is get yourself to Brazil. Once you arrive there, you will join the boat to sail to our basecamp in the village of Itapuama. From arrival in Itapuama you will be sleepingin hammocks either in the deep jungle or at the campsites with competitors. The last night of the race will be spent in a local hotel.

You may be abseiling from into an inaccessible checkpoint in primary jungle, or monitoring the safety and well-being of the runners. Perhaps you could be part of the advance checkpoint crew who trek into the depths of the rainforest to camp overnight and set up an early checkpoint. Maybe you will utilize your medical skills under the tropical rain.

Whatever you do, you will have a memorable stay and will leave Brazil with a yearning to return.
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