The Worlds' wildest eco adventure. A 100km/222km footrace through primary Amazon Jungle in the Tapajos National Forest, near Santarem, Para, Brazil

Jungle Marathon

Your safety

The Jungle is a dangerous environment and you should be aware of this before you apply to take part in the race. Not everyone is prepared to take part in an event in an extreme environment so please consider this carefully.

Jungle Marathon Ltd takes every precaution to minimize risk, but it is also each individual runnerÝs responsibility to ensure that they too treat the jungle with respect and take adequate precaution in a potentially dangerous location.

Below are some of the safety measures we have in place.

Prior to the race:
A detailed briefing is given to runners by a military jungle specialist who highlight dangers in the jungle and how to avoid them. This includes encountering wildlife, dealing with the terrain, dangerous and poisonous plants to avoid and your action plan if you are lost.

Further briefings are given by the race director and our medical team.

On the course:

Our course is designed in a series of loops to minimise the spread of runners and facilitate emergency evacuations if required.

Each stage is clearly mark with biodegradable tape to minimize the risk of getting lost or straying off the course. This marking is checked by Jungle Marathon Ltd prior to the race and then again a further team double check each stage the day before to ensure all marking is still in place and to replace any marking that may be missing. There can often be fallen trees on
the course, so we re-route in this case which may result in a slightly modified trail.

A comprehensive stage briefing is given prior to each stage. This includes distance, terrain and relevant information appertaining to that particular stage.

Checkpoints are located every 5-10 kms and here runners have the chance to replenish their water supply, rest and seek medical advice and or assistance.

Each of our checkpoints is manned with a minimum of two military personnel with radio communications, two bombeiros ( firemen) to handle our evacuations and two medics to deal with any medical problems. In addition there are two non-skilled support personnel, who assist with water replacements and note results and local guides from that particular area of jungle to assist with the quickest route out of the jungle should we need to evacuate..

Runners are obliged to replenish their water supply at each checkpoint and must leave the checkpoint with a minimum of 2.5 litres of water. Any runner who does not comply faces disqualification. We need to ensure that you have enough water to rehydrate if necessary.

Each stage has a sweep team behind the last runner and a contra sweep team coming towards the first runner. Should you get lost or feel unwell or get injured, these teams will assist you so we recommend you stay at the side of the trail.

Medical Support
Jungle marathon has a medical team comprising doctors and paramedics who are all wilderness medicine trained and have experience in working with runners in extreme environments. We also work in conjunction with Dr,Antonio, who is a consultant in intensive care at the Unimed private hospital in Santarem, and he and his colleague Dr. Livia are on standby 24/7 during the race to receive our emergencies .

In addition to our core medical team, we have a team of 10 bombeiros who provide evacuation if required and all have been trained in advanced first aid.

Medical support is available at the start, the finish, at each checkpoint and on the sweep team.

We have a standby medical team at base at all times ready to deploy in the case of medical emergency.

Our medical team reserve the right to withdraw a runner from the race should they feel that that their condition should warrant this. As most of our medical team are also keen sportsmen they make every effort to ensure runners reach the finish line.

Should a medical emergency occur that requires evacuation we transfer by high speed ambulance boat to Santarem where an ambulance will be on standby to take the patient to the local hospital.

We ask all runners to ensure they keep adequately hydrated, and that they do not over exert themselves in such an extreme environment before adequate acclimatisation.

We have 97% comms coverage throughout the race. This is not an easy task in an environment under canopy but this has been achieved by designing the route in such a way that we make this possible and working in close conjunction with local military specilalists, who are highly skilled in communications.

We have the support of a team of bombeiros,( military firemen),,who work closely with us before and during the race. They risk assess the course with us each year and amend where
necessary, they sweep each stage one day in advance to double check for dangers and they provide our evacuations If required. They are all fit,competent highly motivated team members and an integral part of the race. They are also all trained in advance first aid.
Should you need to be evacuated from the course you are in very competent hands.

Local communities
We work with 200+ families in the jungle during the race. They are our guides for jungle marathon personnel, they route mark, they advise, assist and support. No one knows the environment better than they and they are on hand 24/ 7 at checkpoints and campsites to help you. In an emergency they know the quickest and easiest route out of the jungle. They understand the environment and the dangers better than anyone. They often say that the two most important things you should bring into the jungle with you are your eyes. Heed their advice.

You safety is of paramount importance to us. Safety is the overriding issue in any decision to do with the race and we plan the course around this.

Should you wish to have further details of our risk assessment , please contact

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