The Worlds' wildest eco adventure. A 100km/222km footrace through primary Amazon Jungle in the Tapajos National Forest, near Santarem, Para, Brazil

Jungle Marathon

Training and Advice

Extremely good general fitness is vital for this race. Most people who don't live in the tropics don't have access to a running machine in a humid environment (though you might try your attic) so they will be forced to train in normal circumstances and then simply acclimatise once they get to Brazil. We suggest a training schedule of at least 80-90km per week.

You need a rucksack that fits snugly to the back so that it doesn't get caught in the trees at the side of the trails. Similarly you might prefer waterbottles to a camelbak so that the tube doesn't get caught. Get used to running with them. Marathon runners only need run with a camel bak, as long as it has a small capacity for compulsory items.

Waterproof everything. Officially October is the dry season in the Amazon, but you can expect showers each day. You may not want to carry a waterproof coat because of the additional weight and you will be wet anyway. It is very hard to dry anything in the jungle once it is wet. Take (a light) change of clothes in which to sleep and make sure that it stays dry with a double layer of plastic bags. It's unpleasant getting into your wet clothes the next morning, but you will really appreciate the dry clothes in the evenings.

Make sure all electrical equipment is effectively waterproofed otherwise it will degenerate in the humid atmosphere and you will be left walking the night stage in the dark.

Make sure to have a regenerative drink for the end of each stage. Make sure that it is palatable under stress and that it will survive the heat.

Take plenty of mosquito repellent. Practice how to hang your hammock and mosquito net so that no insects can find their way in.

Practice proper footcare. Your feet will be constantly wet. train will wet feet, wet socks, wet everything.
Look at an efficient foot care strategy

Please contact for further details.

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