The Worlds' wildest eco adventure. A 100km/222km footrace through primary Amazon Jungle in the Tapajos National Forest, near Santarem, Para, Brazil

Jungle Marathon

Rules and Regulations

Last updated October 2013

Terms and Conditions

  • On registration all competitors agree to abide by the rules and regulations, terms and conditions as set out by Jungle Marathon Ltd. Terms and conditions may be subject to change at short notice.

  • In any dispute the Race Director's decision will be final and binding on all parties.

  • Jungle Marathon Ltd reserves the right to alter or modify any aspect of the Jungle Marathon race itinerary at short notice in response to unforeseen circumstances in order to ensure the safety and security of all participants.


All competitors must be at the age 18 years or over.


Open to men and women, individuals and teams.

Team Entries

  • All teams must have at least three members.

  • To qualify for a ranking all team members must complete the race or stage.

  • Individual team members will also receive individual overall rankings. Team times will be calculated as the average of the combined time of the team's members.

Race Stages

  • There will be either one marathon stage of 42km, or 4 stages over 4 days (for +-127 km runners) or 6 stages over 7 days (+-242 km runners) varying in distance from approximately 16 km to 108 km (see Race Stages).

  • Each stage will have a maximum time for completion.

  • Any runner failing to arrive within the allocated stage time may be eliminated from the race. This decision is taken by the Race Director and depends on the reasons for not finishing in time, the stage and the physical and psychological condition of the athlete.


  • These will be located every 5-10 km on regular stages, i.e. at the long stage the checkpoints may be further apart.

  • Competitors must pass through all the checkpoints on each stage.

  • At each checkpoint water will be distributed and must be emptied into personal water bottles (or similar).

  • In no circumstances must any competitor leave the checkpoint with the plastic bottles provided by the race organisers.

  • Each checkpoint will also provide the opportunity to seek medical assistance if needed.

  • Runners in the marathon distance are entitled to send a drop bag to the checkpoints with snacks energy drinks etc

  • Failure to pass a checkpoint will result in elimination from the race or significant time penalties.

  • It is imperative that all competitors leave the checkpoint with their full water capacity.

Finishing a Stage

  • At the finish line of each stage water will be available.

  • After putting up your hammock and settling in you will be given the opportunity to seek medical attention if needed.

  • E-mails to competitors will be distributed each evening.

  • On completion of a stage each competitor and team will be timed in and ranked.

  • hot water will be available at all campsites for food preparation

Mandatory Equipment

  • Hammocks with mosquito nets and rainfly sheet

  • Pre-race food from arrival in Brazil

  • Food supplies to last for 4 or 7 days of racing (depending on distance entered).

  • (please note that competitors entering the marathon,or 127km distance may leave their post race food in a drop bag prior to the race)
  • 2.5 litres of water carrying capacity (bottles or similar)

  • Insect Repellent

  • Compass

  • Safety pins

  • Knife

  • 2 x cyclaume sticks

  • Complusory Medical kit including Salt Tablets- (enough for the entire race), please see below for full requirements

  • Torch and spare batteries

  • Water Purifying Tablets for at least 10 litres

  • Emergency Whistle

  • luggage label with your name clearly marked for your extra baggage you leave with us during the race

  • lock for your extra baggage

  • small padlock for your backpack to use in campsites

  • copy of medical and evacuation insurance

  • Medical kit: full details of the contents of the medical kit are given with the kit list on registration to contain:

  • Marathon runners will carry modified compulsory kit during their race.

Race Number

  • Each competitor will be issued with a race number and two number plates

  • It is the competitor's responsibility to make sure they are clearly displayed at all times during the race.

  • Due to potential sponsor and media broadcast considerations the Race Director may impose restrictions on sponsor logos.


All competitors are required to bring sufficient food for both before and during of the race. Marathon runners and 127 km competitors are required to be self sufficient until the end of the +-255 km race. A drop bag facility is availability for their post race food whilst they race

Local fruits or plants growing in the jungle may not be eaten. The only exception is an emergency, e.g. when an athlete gets lost. However, it is up to the athlete to know what things can and can not be eaten.

Water Supply

  • Prior to and for the duration of the race, officials will supply and distribute water to each competitor: each morning, at each checkpoints, and at the end of each stage. At each of these points the participants will have to fill up the entire 2.5 litres of water capacity.

  • It is the individual competitor's responsibility to manage their water intake and prevent dehydration.

  • The race organisers will take no responsibility for competitors who consume water not provided by race officials.

Outside Assistance

  • The only assistance permitted is via the race officials and medical personnel.

  • This is a self-sufficient foot race.

  • No use of any form of transport or outside provisions (food or drinks) is allowed between checkpoints.

  • Any infringements of this rule will be taken seriously and will result in the disqualification of the competitor or competitors involved.

Voluntary withdrawal from the Race

  • Competitors wishing to withdraw from the race may do so at any time by approaching and informing a race official of their intention to withdraw.

  • As soon as is reasonably practical they will be transported to the campsite and options for further participation in the event will be offered. Please note, only accommodation at the campsite will be free of charge. Any accommodation, and also additional expenses such as meals etc. will be the responsibility of the competitor. Transport to Santarem or Alter do Chao is at the runners own expense.


  • Time penalties if awarded will be added to individual times at the end of each stage and rankings adjusted accordingly.

  • Appeals against any penalty must be made via the Race Director before the final ranking, i.e. immediately after the arrival at the finish at the latest.

  • Contravening any of the rules and regulations will result in time penalties. Some specific penalties are:

  • All missing items from the mandatory gear list will incur a 1 hour penalty per day. Having lost an item on the race course is not a valid excuse.

  • Receiving an IV drip will incur a 2 hour penalty (per dose).

  • Any willful attempt to take detours from the course route, there are no short cuts through this jungle, will be taken very seriously resulting in possible disqualification (not including being genuinely lost)


Disqualification will result in the competitor leaving the race with no ranking. Transportation to the finish line and accommodation will be at the runner's expense .

Overall and Stage Placing

Competitors will be ranked and times indicated in hours and minutes according to their individual overall and stage performances with additional awards given in the following categories, Individual: Male, Female, Team, Veteran (60+), 127km., marathon winner,

Health & Safety

  • The safety and health of all competitors, support staff, and volunteers is paramount.

  • Anyone entering this environment must take precautions against malaria.
  • Each runner should take every measure possible to protect themselves from dehydration and exhaustion.

  • A medical team will be on hand at all times to provide minor and emergency medical treatment and support should the need arise.

  • The course route is well marked out along trails and paths through the jungle.
    Should anyone have the misfortune of getting lost a search and rescue team will be ready and equipped to locate and evacuate them.

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