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Environmental Overview

Respect for the environment

Respect for and care of this precious environment is of paramount important to us at Jungle Marathon Ltd.

We use biodegradable marking tape throughout the course and team of local villagers are employed to double check the course that we have not left anything behind. All our water is supplied in 20 litres bottles and these are returned to Santarem to be recycled.
It is imperative that no trace of our visit remains and that we have made no impact on the environment.
No harmful substances are used, no trees are cut when we clear the trails and we instill our environmentally aware policy into the minds of our runners and support crew alike.

Nothing is taken from the region apart from cherished memories and an abundance of photos.

This year, we initiated a new rubbish recycling project headed by Simone Vaconcelos. Simone and her team worked hard teaching the women in the local communities, and with continue to do so throughout 2009.

Tree planting

We have planted many hundreds of young trees on behalf of our runners and support crew. This is an ongoing project.
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