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Community Overview

At Jungle marathon Ltd one of our top priorities has been to include our host country, Brazil in our plans and success with the race.

To this end we have worked closely with the people of Para who have become a fundamental part of the whole project.


Without Ibamaís permission there would have been no race! They control the forests and handle all permissions for anything that happens under its jurisdiction . In addition to this they generously donated 53cubic metres of wood for the building of our Eco Tourism base camp- a project which would have been prohibitive cost-wise without this. Right from our first edition in the FLONA their assistance has been invaluable.

For the 2008 race we were most grateful for all the support and help we received from Daniel Penteado, the head of the FLONA and his team headed by Viviane Daufenback.

Corpo de Bombeiros Militareos

We work closelywith the Santarem Bombeiros ( Fire service) each year, and they are responsible for our evacuations during the race. They tirelessly work at checkpoints and sweep the trails, and risk assess our course during trail preparation. Diocel Penaforte is our course manager and trial runs the entire route twice each year before the runners arrival! Many thanks to our bombeiros. They are outstanding.


Cabo Roberto Bizerra and his team of 20, who are either serving or ex military from the 8th BECNST military (engineering division), provide us with a faultless communications operation throughout the race. We were privileged to work with them. Comms in the jungle are not an easy task and they have worked hard to fine tune thsi so that we now have almost 100% coverage.


All our merchandising is produced locally.


All air travel is made using TAM airlines, Brazila largest carrier with the most modern fleet. the national carrier.


The community of Itapuama are our hosts for the base camp and welcome our runners for the two days prior to the race and look after our support team, media and medical staff during the event itself. It is also here, on the shores of the Tapajos River some 120km south of Santarem that we built our base camp. This comprise three long huts which each house 50 hammocks, 10 showers, 10 flush lavatories, a kitchen and restaurant, a medical centre and a media centre. Each roof was woven in palm-leaves by the villagers and add an rustic flavour to it . This is our gift to the local people of Itapuama, who will be able to use it as an Eco Tourism project during the months of the year that Jungle marathon are not using it.

During the months proceeding the race, Itapauma is used as a base by us when we are preparing the course. We work closely with Snr Dico, and also Seu Djelma, the president of Itapuama, and they and many of the villagers work with us as jungle guides, cooks, builders etc coming up to and during the race.

Other Communities

We provided employment for all the communities passed through by our trail.
Jungle guides, trail cutters, campsite builders, provision of hot water, provision of rabetas ( small boats ) etc. These villages includ Paraiso, Pini, Taquara, Itapauna, Tauri, , Aramanahi, Sao Jorge, Chibe, Maguari, Jamaraquai, Jaguarari, Pedreira, Prainha, Soa Domingo,Picatuba and Acaratinga.

Kiddies Marathon

2008 was our first kiddieís marathon.

These kiddies have so little, and each year we are thrilled that runners and support staff bring crayons, pencils and small gifts for them.
This year we decided to hold our inaugural official mini jungle marathon just for them.
The race was divided into two categories: 5-9 year olds and 10-15 year olds. We invited each community to enter 10 runners form their village and with the assistance of the mayors office in Belterra, we arranged a boat to collect them from their various villages and transport them to Itapuama, the race location. Lunch was provided o board and they all arrived at Itapuama full of excitement for their day.
Viviane Daufenback from IBAMA was with us to give a talk to the runners on the FLONA this year and also to present the prizes to the winners of the kiddies race. Each child also got a mini jungle marathon t shirt and a medal for taking part .
Many thanks to our kiddies marathon sponsors, John Hardy and his team at train for function
The kiddies marathon was a great success and all the children in the flona are looking forward to next year.


Donations for education

This year generous donations were made by Jungle Marathon, runners and support staff towards educational supplies for children in the villages in the jungle. Daniel Penteado and his team at IBAMA will ensure this is spent wisely and will provide us with full details once a decision has been reached as to how to spend the money.

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