Jungle Marathon 2012 will take place in Brazil in October

Jungle Marathon 2012

About Jungle Marathon

Jungle Marathon was originated in England, and is now produced and organised by Eventrate Brasil Eventos Ltda. The race was set up in response to the overwhelming desire of many ultra race runners for a new challenge through an extreme environment. Technical and ground assistance is provided by Brazilian and European personnel experienced in ultra race events, jungle adventure trekking and survival activities. Our medical team have many years experience in remote locations. Your safety and well-being is our prime concern and we employ only the most experienced personnel to assist us

Our team provide you with races that will test the stamina and endurance abilities of any competitor. Racing through the Amazon Rain Forest, or the Jungles of Vietnam is a brand new challenge that offers a unique experience to both competitors and organisers alike. Discover a spectacular part of these countries and see first-hand the wonders of nature. Interact with the locals and support us in our efforts to produce an eco-friendly adventure .

We look forward to sharing this experience with you in Vietnam or in Brazil.
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